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Free XRP - Share Ripple

Get Free Ripple For Inviting People

Share Ripple is unique and fresh project that gives users XRP coins just for inviting other users to join our project! Earn up to 25 XRP which equals to about 10 USD in Ripple for 1 invited user.

Enter Your Ripple Wallet Address and Start Inviting Now

How to Use

Cloud Hosting

Our services are fully hosted on cloud. This means that users perfom all actions on cloud and they are 100% safe. To get free ripple you just need to follow simple instructions and everything happens on cloud.

No Compromise Security

Your data is secured with state of the art technologies used on our cloud servers. Only identifier we use is your ripple wallet address so no other private data is collected. Also for xrp storage we recommend highly secured and one of the most popular exchanges - binance.

Completely Free

We are providing fully free crypto service! This means whay you earn is what you get.. We are living off sponsored offers so all the free crypto coins goes directly to your ripple wallet.

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Website Fair Usage Policy: We are tracking wallets and users who are trying to cheat our project and get multiple payouts and we are very successful at doing that. If you decide to cheat our systems and earn more crypto we have a right to delete your account and



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Ripple is getting huge! Don't miss your chance to get free xrp while you can!

Why you should use Share Ripple?

As you might heard there is a big news that ripple now is the second largest crypto currency in the world and if you don't have any of it you are just missing out : Ripple (XRP) Price Spikes After CEO Calls For 'Global Framework' And Bashes Bitcoin.

This means xrp is gonna be a huge deal and we provide it for free for a limited time.

How much can i earn in reality? Do i get paid in ripple coins?

That depends solely on how many peope you will be able to invite. For example you can tell all your classmates or coworkes to use your link and in 5 minutes you get a ton of ripple.. If they don't know about ripple they can read it on their official site. For one invited user you will get from 25 free XRP and you will need to invite at least 5 users to be able to withdraw xrp to your wallet.

Special 2020 Promo!

Now on our website we are running special promo and you can earn as much as 100 XRP in just a 5 minutes. You have to share your special link on forums, social media, with friends.. We found that best strategy for getting most ripple is to share link with your friends and social media like facebook, twitter, instagram etc.. This is a limited supply so hurry up!

Want to make extra 20% of your earned commission?

When you want to withdraw your crypto coins at the end you are given opportunity to earn extra coins just by sharing your experience on social media. Don't miss this chance.

Completing verification process

When you want to withdraw ripple to your wallet you have to complete user verification. These offers are sponsored so they can vary from time to time and this is how we get xrp coins to give to our users. Without these advertisements we won't have any coins to give to you. These offers can be different for every user from installing apps on the phone to completing various questionnaires. We collect money from advertisers and give it to the users so they can earn even more crypto coins.

Problems with verification?

This is the common solutions to the problems users get with verification:

Website is not working correctly with adblock enabled!

If you are using adblock disable for our website because verification offers will not work for you. Also if you want to withdraw coins to your ripple wallet this process might won't work too. There are many different blockers which can stop website from working so do yourself a favor and disable them.

Issues with browser

This website is built using newest internet and coding technologies so old browsers can hang up or not display this website correctly. So please use newest version of your favorite browser.

Contact Information

If you encounter any problems or have questions please use the following form - contact us.


XRP is gaining ranks in top cryptocurrencies!

I see Ripple as the top leading crypto coin and this project is giving them out for a simple task - inviting other people to join! what a bargain!

Tom Bingsley -

Ripple will be my first new crypto in 2020

In the past i didn't invest in this coin and now i'm regreting that.. Don't be like me and join this amazing project!

Simon Rogers -

Amazing project with good team

I met this team in person in one of the bitcoin expo and this project looks even better online thank on paper!

Adam Stevenson -